Seasoned and versatile writer and creative strategist serving B2B consultancies and ad agency clients internationally.

My job is to make your job easier and more profitable, with deliverables that drive measurable results—and are delivered to you with a smile. After all, just because your assignment may be difficult, it doesn’t mean your creative resource should be. Having done this exclusively for so many years, for so many clients, markets, segments, and assignments, there’s little I haven’t seen, done, or have experience in.

From websites (strategy, wireframe, and writing) to exec bios (and SME interviews to inform them), from video scripts to email campaigns, to social ads, presentation decks, ghost-written trade-journal articles, radio and TV spots, company histories, product/service names, press releases, brochures, and jingle lyrics, my work has spanned industries ranging from high tech to hospitality, from national defense to banking, from C-suite B2B to B2C, from high-end consumer to discount retail.

As a former Creative Director of a New York ad agency, I am frequently tapped to develop value-delivery-based customer-discovery/segmentation strategy, as well as creative concepts for campaign themes spanning multiple media. And since I “talk the talk” of the creative world, I work well with artists, designers, videographers, and other production pros, since I’m good at communicating goals and challenging them to do their best work.