Disruption 2024

A Symposium Focused on Dreamers, Directors, and Disruptors in Technology and Innovation

March 28th, 2024

The Mission

Disruption Symposium is a one-of-a-kind day-long event rooted in knowledge-sharing and intra-industry collaboration. The event, consisting of main-stage programming, breakout sessions for deep dives into particular industry innovations, high-value networking, and exclusively curated evening experiences, centers on disruption within EnterpriseAI, HealthTech, BioTech, and AgTech.

The Vision

Disruption Symposium believes that through well-structured and intentional programming, business leaders, stakeholders, dignitaries, and industry disruptors will build relationships through intentional conversation and shared unique experiences that will result in partnerships that grow beyond the room for the betterment of society.

Sponsorship Tiers

These companies support Disruption